A detailed breakdown of my current portfolio and how it is performing. All my holdings are long, with a minimum 20 year investment horizon. Short term…
The vision is crystal
Fees will drop and so will Coinbase's earnings
How a business creates value that it can charge money for can appear to be random. A lesson from the New York Times.
225 pages that are worth reading
Irrationality or Justified?
High growth. Recurring revenue. Low churn rate. And high quality products.
It's a non-expiring call option on Elon Musk & the future.
The last time the Fed hiked 0.75%. Been a while eh?
At HKD$195, it is trading at a Price to Free Cash Flow of 19x
At sub HKD 160 / share, it is cheap if it keeps growing at 20% a year for 5 years.
I believe value is determined on a 20 year horizon.